Aren't you bored of looking for files on your computer? Searching for webpages in your list of bookmarks? Performing repeated actions to control your applications? We present you MarkPad, the solution to your problems!

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What is MarkPad?

MarkPad is an application for Mac OSX that lets you trigger any action on your computer with a single stroke on your touchpad. It only requires one hand to trigger an action. MarkPad strokes start from the border of the touchpad, thus they don't conflict with pointing. Not convinced yet?

MarkPad is easy to install, runs in the background, does not drain the battery.

You can create your own strokes and assign them to actions depending on your needs.

Strokes/Actions can be organized in menus to help memorization.

Menus can contain actions to navigate the web, open applications, files and folders, perform application commands, launch scripts, etc.


This quick tutorial will walk you through MarkPad main features. After that, you will be able to define your own strokes and actions.

Customize your touchpad

Examples of layouts that could guide a user to perform strokes

More customization possibilities

Need help?

Sources of the projects are available on demand. If you have any problem with the application or need more information about it, please e-mail me.