Music Performances

This page lists music I created or performed in the past years.


There is something out there myself September 3rd, 2022 Lille (France)

Momentum myself August 21st, 2022 Lille (France)

Roseau karma June 6th, 2022 Lille (France)

HS karma June 6th, 2022 Lille (France)

Cours myself March 13th, 2022 Lille (France)

Hold the line myself February 23th, 2022 Lille (France)

VibinG myself February 20th, 2022 Lille (France)


Via Purifico Nobuo Uematsu September 23rd, 2021 Lille (France)

Le Cygne Camille Saint-Saens July 24th, 2021 Arcizans-Avant (France)

Ave Maria Charles Gounod July 24th, 2021 Arcizans-Avant (France)

Sonate en Sol majeur Jean-Baptiste Bréval July 24th, 2021 Arcizans-Avant (France)